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Looking for Descaling Chemical Dealers in Chennai? Creative Associates are one among the renowned Eximious Descaling Chemical Authorized Distributors in Chennai, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. Descaling Operation is one of most frequently carried out reactive maintenance programme in any company.

Descaling is carried out by these methods by the contractors

  • Using sulfamic acid.
  • Using Uninhibited HCI

Both of these methodes are inadequate, incomplete and pose serious corrosion issue during use and /or thereafter.

Eximious propose a set of its tow products D'Scale 1000 and D'Scale 3000 which are to be used for complete descaling process, one after another.

Areas to be cleaned and descaled using D'Scale 1000 and D'Scale 3000.
  • Boilers
  • Condensers
  • Heat Exchangers
  • PHE's
  • Intercoolers and after coolers
  • Reactors
  • AHU Internals
  • Pattern Presses
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