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THERMCLEAN-OL is On-LINE Thermic Fluid System cleaner cum decarbonizer. It is a powerful blend of chemicals to clean the Thermic Fluid System from unwanted carbon deposits, hard scales and waxy deposits. This would not only increase the efficiency of the system but also make it ???Safe-n-Healthy???.

  • An excellent penetrant
  • Applications involves soaking and circulation method.
  • The decarbonisation is done on-line while system is operating & restores the heat transfer efficiency.
  • Quickly penetrates into Resinous deposits and hard Carbon Scales.
  • Easy to use.
  • Economical as saves time, labour cost as it eliminates even hard scraping. Carried out on line i.e. without any Shutdown.
  • Total saving in terms of the cost of piping, valves and other mountings.
THERMCLEAN ??? OL is a user friendly product and is oil based.

Use THERMCLEAN??? OL upto 5 ??? 10% of the hold up volume & circulate at system temperature.

TOL can be used ONLY in case the Thermic oil is in good condition. This is to be used along with On-Line Filtration system called as System FACT-O


Thermclean-OL is On-line cleaning & decarbonising compound designed to clean & decarbonise the entire thermic fluid system ON-LINE i. e. without any stoppages.

Thermclean-OL contains a powerful blend of safe & high temperature compatible blend of surfactants, corrosion inhibitor and state of art deposit penetrant. The entire thermic fluid system can be decarbonised using very small dosages of Thermclean-OL.

Thermclean-OL can be used as a preventive maintenance aid. This is to be used in following conditions:
  • As a preventive maintenance aid on once in a six month basis.
  • To improvise heat transfer rate across the system.
  • Whenever the proper heat transfer is not taking place in the system.

Needless to say, this results in overall improvement of the system performance.


5-10% of the entire volume at the rate of 1% per hour basis.


In 50 Kgs. Carboy

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