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APEX Technology for Paint Detackification

In automotive assembly, there are different types of paint booth overspray capture technologies. Wet spray booths or scrubbers, where overspray is drawn into a circulating water stream below the paint booth are the most common paint spray booths today. This water stream exits the booth and goes to a pit with a consolidation device to remove the paint solids from the water. This clean water is then returned to the booth to avoid excessive freshwater consumption. It’s critical to remove the paint solids effectively to avoid buildup in the booth that can negatively affect the airflow in the paint booth itself, causing potential quality issues in the paint job and higher energy use to maintain proper airflow from the fans.

A good chemical paint detackification program is critical for effective and efficient separation of the paint solids from the water. The paint detack program first detackifies the paint so it’s no longer sticky, then helps the solids efficiently bind together for efficient removal and effective dewatering.

The Nalco Water APEX™ Paint Detackification technology has been successfully implemented in paint booth systems using all kinds of paint types (polyurethanes, 2K clear coats, high solids primers, high solids solvent-borne basecoats, and high solids water-borne basecoats). APEX™ technology delivers complete paint detackification with improved overall system collection efficiency and cleanliness.

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