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Diffusion Welding Electrode Dealers in Chennai
Concast Rolls

Concast rolls are simple yet critical components of steel industry which draw the casts out. They are subjected to very high temperatures with severe metal to metal wear. A layer of Diffusion make FCW cladding provides high longetivity to these rolls preparing it to fight wear with an innovative superconditioning solution.

Wear Plate & Components
Hydraulic Roller Press Roll

Hydraulic roller press rolls have the burly task of crushing minerals and other material to powder. The Diffusion Engineers Limited pioneers in providing these rollers with a hardfacing coating which provides them with unprecedented longevity for higher service life.

The concept of ‘SUPER-CONDITIONING’ was introduced by Diffusion Engineers to the Indian Core Sector Industries which involves enhancement of part life, reduced life cycle cost and the demand for spares, by ensuring longer and continued availability of critical production equipment and conservation of non-renewable natural resources.

Diffusion offers a wide range of Welding Machine Maintenance products for Super-conditioning. The product range includes LoTemp-Antiwear Welding Electrodes, gas welding alloy, silver brazing alloys, solders and fluxes, Thermal spray Powders and super spray systems. Cobalt and tungsten carbide alloys, SOP - containing the unique Ultra-hard Chromium Borides, Flux Cored Wires and Tubular Products; No-heat products for cold repair, TIG, MIG filler wires.

Critical components super-conditioned using Diffusion products:
  • Roller Press Rollers of Cement Industries
  • Pump Sleeves and Plungers
  • Rotary & Discharge Chutes
  • Mill Pinions
  • ID Fans
  • Jaw Crushers
  • FK Pump Screws
  • Guide Vanes
  • VRM Tyres & Table Liners
  • Concast Rolls
  • Excavator Bucket
  • Crusher Rotors
  • Bell Hopper
  • Crack Joining of Kiln Tyre
  • Hammers
  • Rotary Airlock
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