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Are you looking for Wastewater Treatment Chemical Dealers in Chennai? Choose Creative Associates, best Nalco Wastewater Treatment Chemical Authorized distributors in Chennai, Andhra Pradesh , and Kerala. Wastewater treatment demands as much attention, and the need for integrated solutions, as other processes within your operation. There are not many other processes that have so much variability in the input, yet a consistent, high quality output is required. Nalco offers a number of wastewater tools to efficiently analyze, evaluate, and treat your entire wastewater operation from primary clarification to discharge.

Solutions to your challenges

We can help you make the most of your water and wastewater systems.

Raw water

Nalco’s physical and chemical treatment processes remove organic and inorganic impurities from raw water, making it fit for human consumption or industrial applications.


Nalco’s programs effectively treat wastewater to reduce potentially harmful pollutants.


Nalco offers superior treatment performance. Our chemicals help remove color and suspended solids, and control odor.

Sludge handling

Nalco can help customers reduce the cost of sludge disposal. Our careful choice of coagulants and flocculants can help reduce sludge volumes, thereby cutting waste and reducing economic and environmental costs.

Waste water treatment chemicals:
  • Coagulant
  • Cationic Flocculant
  • Anionic Flocculant
  • MEE antiscalant
  • Improve membrane flux in MBR
  • Antifoams
Coagulants and Flocculants for Solid-Liquid Separation

Our full line of coagulants, flocculants and solid-liquid separation products are designed to improve the performance of your mineral processing and mine wastewater treatment systems. We have decades of experience in developing coagulants that address the challenges of water treatment systems. Armed with knowledge and proven technology, your representative will work with you to determine the best solution to help ensure local, state, and federal compliance while helping to improve your cost.

How Do Coagulants Work?

Coagulants can enhance the efficiency of flocculants used for solids removal in wastewater clarification. Coagulants neutralize surface charges, thus increasing the performance of the flocculant.

Nalco Water flocculants can aid sedimentation in water clarification. These polymers could be used with a coagulant for charge neutralization.

How to Improve the Performance of Your Dewatering Equipment with Coagulants and Flocculants

Stronger floc means improved water release which translates into dryer filter cake. That means less sludge volume for disposal. Nalco Water offers polymers of different ionic charges and molecular weight.

Our wastewater programs typically focus on the following and can help you with:
  • Improving overall plant economics
  • Optimizing equipment efficiency
  • Addressing compliance issues
  • Increasing operator capabilities and effectiveness
Your goals are our goals

As we work towards your goals, we monitor progress to keep operations on track. We act as your partner, ensuring you achieve your targets. In developing reliable, cost-effective and safe water and wastewater systems, we also deliver a measurable return on investment (ROI) with savings in water, waste disposal costs, energy, maintenance and repairs. We improve your systems’:

Cost efficiency

We help you save energy, reduce downtime, and lower maintenance costs

Ease of use

We simplify all your operations

Environment, health and safety

We improve your system design, reducing liability and environmental impact.

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